Soda and Straw Hack

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Have you ever had a problem, when drinking from a soda can, and the straw always comes back up and it’s nearly impossible to just enjoy your drink? Well, we are here to make life easier for you! This hack keeps the straw in a soda can from rising up and causing you trouble.

Items Required

1.Soda can/drink of your choice.

1.Soda can/drink of your choice.

2. Straw

2. Straw


1. Place soda can and the straw in front of you
2. Next, take soda can and pull the metal tab back to open the can.
3. Twist the metal tab over and around so it is hovering over the drinking hole.
4. Last, insert the straw into the small metal tab hole and enjoy the drink.


sodaandhack (3)


sodaandhack (2)
Follow these easy steps and you will enjoy your drink without constantly putting the straw back as it rises up again and again. You can also show this hack to your friends at your next party and impress them a little. As you can see this hack is very quick and easy. It only takes a couple of seconds to do to make life a little easier.