Hidden Benefits Of Costco And Sam’s Club Memberships

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Are you a member of Costco or Sam’s Club? You’re probably not getting the most for your dollar. Both places have hidden perks,Costco Secrets that members don’t always know about! Check out the list of 10 hidden Costco Secrets.

Complimentary Tech Support
For any technology you’ve bought at the store, you can get free technical support over the phone. Available 24/7 at Sam’s Club, and 5 am to 10 pm, except holidays, at Costco.

Free Health Screenings
Once a month, you can go get a free health screening at a Sam’s Club pharmacy. Every month has a different focus for the screenings. April’s focus is “allergy relief and screenings include glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure testing.” At Costco, osteoporosis, heart, and lung screenings are scheduled at select locations throughout the month.

Free Car Services
Both clubs will rotate, balance, and repair your tires for free! At Sam’s Club, you can even get tires repaired that were bought somewhere else! Services like wiper-blade installation and car battery testing are also free at Sam’s.

Lower Medication Prices
Costco has much lower medication prices than other places. In fact, they’re so low that customers with insurance coverage are “better off paying cash for certain prescription drugs.” At most Sam’s Club locations, if you have a Plus membership, five generics are free.

Travel Steals
Travelers get a reduced rate when they book with Costco or Sam’s Club. Both places have online and over the phone booking for vacation packages, car rental, hotels, cruises, and more.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!
If you’re not satisfied at either place, they’ll refund your membership fee. There’s also no return deadline for most items. Sam’s Club has s Freshness Guarantee that gives a “full refund plus replacement of fresh produce, meat, and baked goods, or double your money back.” Sounds like a pretty good deal!

Hearing Tests
Both clubs offer select hearing aid services. Members can call and schedule free hearing tests and hearing aid checkups. Hearing aid cleaning and fresh battery included!

Lower Insurance Rates
Both Costco and Sam’s Club offer insurance through third parties, who sell lower rates for wholesale club members exclusively. Sam’s Club sells health insurance for both individuals and businesses, while Costco sells health, dental, and vision plans; auto, home, and life insurance; and identity protection!

Author Signings
Places like Costco and Sam’s Club are often stops on book tours. Local and big time authors come to the stores for book signings! Hillary Clinton even came to a Sam’s Club last year!

Cheaper Check Printing
Both places offer check printing that’s cheaper than the bank! This includes personal checks and payroll checks, along with other select options such as tax forms and envelopes.