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Copyright Holders Information:

Dear rights owner! All rights to photos, graphics, video, audio and text belong to their authors. If you are against the use of your product on our website, send us an e-mail confirming the rights to the product used by us. We will immediately remove it from our site.

Therefore, if you are the legal owner of the exclusive rights, including:
– The exclusive right to reproduce,
– The exclusive right to publicly display,
– The exclusive right of communication to the public,
and your rights in some way violated using resource Interesno.us we request immediately to inform us about this via feedback, in accordance with our recommendations below.
Upon receipt of your message correctly and maximize the data filled in, the complaint will be considered in a period not exceeding five (5) working days. Administration of this site is ready to consider controversial issues within the framework of the pre-trial (the claim or otherwise) about the settlement.
In the event that you have some or other violations, please provide the following information:
1. The data of the object of copyright in respect of which the offense occurred:
1.1. Product name or product
1.2. Official page of the product or the product or the source of the text on the Internet (if available).
1.3. For legal entities / rightholder electronic publications / computer programs / databases – a copy of the state registration.
For a legal entity / holder, audio and video – rolling certificate (copy).
For legal entities / rightholder photos and graphics – a document confirming the right of ownership or copyright on the image.
2. Information about the legal owner:
2.1. The full name of the legal entity. Or passport data of an individual.
2.2. Mailing address (if different legal and postal address – required the legal address).
2.3. Site copyright owner’s website (if available).
2.4. Business License (if any work is licensed in accordance with the law).
2.5. Contact owner (name, position, phone, email).
3. Details of the person making the complaint.
3.1. Name.
3.2. Job Title.
3.3. Phone.
3.4. email.
3.5. A copy of a power of attorney to act on the copyright owner person (not required if the person making the complaint – the head of the company owner).
4. For ambitious data.
4.1. Address page of the site Interesno.us, which contain infringing data .
4.2. Full description of the nature of rights violations (for some reason that this information is prohibited by the owner).
5. Subscription of the legality of actions (to be completed by hand and sent in a scanned form). Required for each application.

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